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The Dream

In 2015, Strimm was launched with a mission: to create a new and innovative way to enjoy video entertainment. The vision for Strimm actually began several years prior in Chicago, Illinois, when the founders were frustrated with a lack of something to watch on TV. Despite having many channels to choose from, it felt limiting and failed to meet their expectations. Tired of having someone else decide for them what they could watch on TV, the idea of Strimm was born. The inspiration was to bring control of TV entertainment to the masses, and do it by giving users the tools to be inventive and have the opportunity to create their own broadcasting TV channels.

The Platform

Strimm, Inc. has developed a platform, which allows users to get “behind the scenes” and become broadcasters and producers in their own right. Channel owners easily create daily programming – by way of automatic or manual scheduling options – to entertain their audiences. Users can either watch their own channels or freely enjoy other channels’ broadcasts. Strimm provides limitless producing possibilities and the creative freedom to cultivate a truly unique video entertainment experience.

With the goal of offering innovative opportunities for video entertainment to the masses, Strimm has implemented an easy way for users to produce their own broadcasts. For experience, for fans, or for fun, Strimm allows everyone from the average person to the seasoned expert to step into the role of producer to yield a whole new form of entertainment.

The Team Behind the Dream

The Strimm team consists of a dynamically diverse group of quirky, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. By embracing knowledge of the past and present markets, the Strimm team has strategically implemented what they know with what they wanted to see to yield this innovative option for video entertainment. The best part is, it doesn’t end there.

Executive team
Dmitry K.
Alexandra G.
Max S.
Elina T.
Valentina Y.
Stay tuned for the exciting future of Strimm!
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