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The Future of Broadcasting - An Interview with Dmitry Kochman, CEO of Strimm TV

In the digital era, where content is king, Strimm is carving out a new realm of possibilities for broadcasters around the world.  We sat down with Dmitry Kochman, CEO, and the visionary behind Strimm TV, to explore the essence of this innovative platform.

Please present Strimm to our audience.

"In today's on-demand world, we're often faced with what psychologists call "choice overload." This is especially true in the realm of digital entertainment, where VOD platforms offer thousands of movies, shows, documentaries, and more at our fingertips. While this wealth of options might seem like a great deal, it can paradoxically lead to decision fatigue. This is a state of mental exhaustion and stress caused by having to make too many decisions.

Linear TV simplifies this process. When you tune into a linear TV channel, the schedule is set. Shows, news broadcasts, and movies air at predetermined times, and the choice of what to watch at any given moment is narrowed down to what's currently airing on the TV channel. This constraint can be surprisingly freeing. Imagine flipping through a TV guide of a trusted network and quickly finding a linear tv channel that speaks directly to you, a channel created and curated by a passionate individual and a forward-thinking business.  Just turn it ON and watch. That's Strimm in a nutshell.

Strimm empowers anyone to launch their own linear online TV channel, schedule shows for weeks ahead, blending live and scheduled content seamlessly. You can even schedule pre-recorded audio podcasts, creating your own radio station as well. And, of course, you can monetize it greatly.

Our vision was to make it accessible not just to large brands, but to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Strimm is where creativity meets technology and your voice can be amplified, unrestricted by traditional media limits."


Could you share the narrative of the company's journey? What initially inspired the idea, and how has it developed over time?

" It's been quite an adventure, starting from a simple idea back in 2012. Back then, the traditional linear television landscape felt too exclusive, almost gated.

Strimm was born out of a desire to unlock these gates. What started as a small project has blossomed into a global platform with users from 160+ countries, hosting thousands of linear tv channels broadcasting 24/7 to viewers worldwide."


What is the mission of Strimm?

"Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower. We want to empower storytellers, educators, artists, religious organizations, and businesses of all sizes to share their stories in a curated, organized format without the boundaries of traditional linear tv broadcasting.  Whether it's a small brand looking to carve its niche and bring in an additional revenue or a large publisher aiming to expand its reach, Strimm provides the cutting-edge tools, not available anywhere else, to make linear broadcasting and its monetization an integral part of their media strategy."


How does Strimm distinguish itself as a marketing tool for businesses, and what specific features make it effective in this regard?

Think of it as an inbound marketing tool for your business. As you know, inbound marketing is a digital marketing technique that helps you attract visitors to your brand by creating content and experience that resonates with your audiences. With a unique, appealing, 24-hour tv broadcast every day, it gives your visitors a great reason to come back. Since all shows are pre-scheduled and broadcast in real time, you can announce the best shows ahead of time. Our platform offers seamless integration with major public video libraries, so the content can be added in minutes. Our AI-powered Autopilot system allows an automatic TV program creation every day without even touching it. We provide our users with custom mobile apps for iOS and Android, integration with major OTT platforms, like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV.  And, of course, our customers can broadcast their TV networks on their own websites. Each outlet can be monetized separately with video commercials and operated from a single dashboard. For brands, it allows having a meaningful tool to build community and increase revenue stream. “


In what ways does Strimm enhance the viewer experience, and how does it stand out as a platform offering thousands of live TV channels from creators worldwide?

"Our focus has always been on the viewer. With features like an intuitive TV guide and a vast array of content categories, we ensure that there's always something for everyone. Strimm is more than a platform; it's a window to the world, offering a blend of entertainment, education, and inspiration, all from their favorite channels, broadcasting 24/7 with unique content every single day."


How do you envision the future of your industry?

"The future of the TV industry remains boundless. As technology advances and global connectivity grows, I see a world where online TV and live streaming become the primary sources of entertainment, education, inspiration and even shopping. Strimm aims to be at the forefront of this revolution, continually evolving to meet the needs of creators and viewers alike."

*Read a full interview at Website Planet


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