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Finding the Benchmark on Mid-Roll Ad Videos and What It Means for Content Creators [With Examples]

As a content creator, integrating mid-roll ads effectively is a tightrope walk. Striking the right balance between monetization and viewer experience is a common struggle. The question often arises: how can you insert mid-roll ads without losing your audience's engagement?

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Misplaced mid-roll ads can disrupt the viewer's experience, leading to negative

consequences. Ineffective placement not only risks viewer drop-off but can also substantially diminish the ad's effectiveness. This misstep can affect your content's appeal and its potential to generate advertising revenue.

The key to overcoming these challenges lies in understanding the benchmark on mid-roll ad videos. This knowledge is instrumental in formulating a content strategy that aligns with viewer preferences while maximizing ad efficacy. 

What is a Mid-Roll Ad?

Mid-roll ads are advertisements that appear in the middle of video content. Unlike traditional TV commercials, these ads are strategically placed within online videos to capture viewer attention at a moment when engagement is high. This type of ad format is increasingly popular in digital media, especially on platforms where longer video content is consumed.

Mid-Roll Ads vs. Other Ad Types

  • Pre-Roll Ads:These are the ads that play before a video starts. They're the first engagement point, but viewers often skip them if given the option.

  • Post-Roll Ads:These ads appear at the end of a video. They have the lowest engagement as viewers might move on to other content or close the video player.

  • Mid-Roll Ads:Appear during a natural break in the video, keeping viewers more engaged. Offer a balance between capturing attention and not interrupting the viewing experience too early or too late.

In essence, mid-roll ads represent a critical advertising strategy in the digital space, offering a unique opportunity for marketers to reach their audience effectively. For content creators, understanding what a mid-roll ad is and how it compares to other formats is critical to maximizing their content's advertising potential.

Understanding the Benchmark on Mid-Roll Ad Videos

Benchmarks in advertising provide standard metrics that content creators and advertisers can use to gauge the effectiveness of their mid-roll ads. These benchmarks are vital for several reasons:

  1. Performance Measurement: They offer a way to measure how well a mid-roll ad performs against industry averages.

  2. Strategic Planning: Benchmarks aid in strategizing ad placements and timings for optimal viewer engagement.

  3. Comparative Analysis: They enable advertisers to compare their ad performance with competitors and industry standards.

Mid-roll ads have been found to have a 90% completion rate, as they are placed when users are already invested in the content. They account for over 33% of digital video ads on various platforms, including apps and video-streaming services.

Current Benchmarks for Mid-Roll Ads

When discussing mid-roll ads, it's essential to understand the prevailing benchmarks that define success in this space. These benchmarks often include:

  1. Completion Rates: The percentage of mid-roll ads watched through to the end. A high completion rate indicates effective engagement.

  2. Viewability Rates: The measure of how often viewers see ads, not just how often the ad is played.

  3. Click-Through Rates (CTR): The frequency at which viewers click on the ad to learn more or make a purchase. 

Current trends suggest that mid-roll ads generally have higher completion rates than pre-roll and post-roll ads, as they are placed at a point where viewer engagement is already established.

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Mid-Roll Ads Examples: Hypothetical Scenarios

Scenario 1: The Engaging Tutorial Video

Context: A 10-minute video tutorial on graphic design techniques.

Mid-Roll Ad Placement: At the 5-minute mark, right after a key concept is explained.

Potential Outcome: Viewers will likely watch the ad since they are invested in learning the next steps. This timing respects viewer engagement and can lead to higher completion rates for the ad.

Scenario 2: The Weekly News Recap

Context: A 15-minute weekly news recap video.

Mid-Roll Ad Placement: Placed after the first news segment, approximately 3 minutes in.

Potential Outcome: By inserting the ad after an informative segment, viewers are given a natural pause, potentially increasing the likelihood they'll stay through the ad to continue with the rest of the news content.

Mid-roll ads achieve 35% more impressions than post-roll ads, indicating higher visibility and engagement potential. Moreover, they are known for positive brand recall, with a study finding a 27% message recall rate for mid-roll ads, slightly above the 24% for pre-roll ads.

Scenario 3: The Long-Form Interview

Context: A 30-minute celebrity interview.

Mid-Roll Ad Placement: During natural transitions between interview topics, around the 10 and 20-minute marks.

Potential Outcome: Viewers engaged in the interview's flow are more likely to view these ads as natural breaks, maintaining engagement with both the content and the ads.

Scenario 4: The Cooking Show Episode

Context: A 20-minute cooking show episode featuring a recipe tutorial.

Mid-Roll Ad Placement: Just before the final reveal of the prepared dish.

Potential Outcome: Placing an ad at this suspenseful moment can captivate viewers’ attention, potentially leading to a higher completion rate as viewers wait to see the final dish.

These mid-roll ads examples demonstrate how strategic placement can significantly influence viewer engagement and ad effectiveness. Content creators must consider their content's flow and viewer engagement levels when placing mid-roll ads to achieve optimal results.

Impact of Benchmarks on Content Creators

Understanding benchmarks for mid-roll video ads offers several advantages to content creators:

  1. Optimized Ad Performance: By aligning with benchmarks, creators can optimize ad placements for higher engagement and completion rates.

  2. Informed Decision-Making: Benchmarks provide valuable data that can guide ad length, content, and timing decisions.

  3. Enhanced Viewer Experience: Knowledge of benchmarks helps balance monetization and viewer experience, reducing the risk of viewer drop-off.

An effective strategy for mid-roll ads is using a Call-To-Action (CTA) button; a study by video hosting company Wistia found that mid-roll CTAs have a 16.95% higher conversion rate than CTAs placed at the start or end of videos, which have rates of 3.15% and 10.98%, respectively.

Strategies for Implementing Mid-Roll Video Ads Effectively

To maximize the benefits of mid-roll video ads, content creators should consider the following strategies:

  1. Timing is Key: Place ads at natural breaks to maintain viewer engagement. Avoid disrupting critical content moments.

  2. Relevance Matters: Ensure that the ad content is relevant to your audience. More relevant ads can lead to better viewer reception and interaction.

  3. Test and Iterate: Experiment with different ad placements and durations. Use viewer feedback and engagement metrics to refine your strategy.

  4. Quality Over Quantity: It's not just about the number of ads but their quality. High-quality, engaging ads can enhance viewer experience and brand perception.

  5. Leverage Analytics: Use analytics tools to track ad performance against benchmarks. This data is crucial for continuous improvement.

By understanding and implementing these strategies, content creators can use mid-roll video ads to enhance their content’s value and monetization potential, aligning with industry benchmarks for optimal outcomes.

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Strimm: Enhancing Mid-Roll Ad Effectiveness

Strimm offers a dynamic platform for content creators looking to optimize their digital video ad mid-roll strategy. By providing tools for creating, scheduling, and broadcasting personalized TV channels, Strimm empowers creators to take control of their content and its monetization.

Strimm provides a platform for creating branded TV channels and scheduling 24/7 broadcasts. It also allows embedding a TV network on websites, Roku, and custom-branded mobile apps, offering diverse monetization opportunities through ads.

Features of Strimm Aligned with Optimal Mid-Roll Ad Strategies

  1. Custom Scheduling: Strimm allows creators to schedule mid-roll ads strategically. This ensures that ads are placed at the most effective points in the content, enhancing viewer engagement and ad performance.

  2. Multiple Channel Management: Creators can manage various channels and ad placements from a single dashboard, making the process efficient and streamlined.

  3. Analytics Integration: Strimm’s platform includes analytics capabilities, enabling creators to track ad performance and make data-driven decisions.

  4. Broad Distribution: With Strimm, content and ads can be streamed not only on the platform but also on external sites, Roku, and mobile apps, expanding the reach of mid-roll ads.

  5. Content Flexibility: Adding content from various sources allows for a diverse range of videos, making the placement of mid-roll ads more relevant and impactful.

Key Takeaways

  • Mid-roll ads, appearing in the middle of video content, balance viewer engagement and advertising effectiveness compared to pre-roll and post-roll ads.

  • Adhering to the benchmark on mid-roll ad videos is crucial for content creators. It helps optimize ad placements, ensuring higher engagement and ad effectiveness.

  • Effective mid-roll ad strategies involve placing ads at natural content breaks, maintaining relevancy, and considering viewer engagement to improve ad performance.

  • Strimm provides a platform that aligns with optimal mid-roll ad strategies, offering scheduling, analytics, and broad distribution tools to enhance ad effectiveness.

  • Utilizing analytics and feedback to refine mid-roll ad placements is vital to aligning with industry benchmarks and maximizing content monetization.

Ready to elevate your content game? Book a demo with Strimm today and unleash the full potential of your mid-roll ad strategy!

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